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La Dispute

Anonymous asked: Wow oh wow you're a cutie pie

Omg this made me so happy! Message me off of anon pleasssse :)

All My Friends Are In Bar Bands // The Wonder Years
Brand New // The Boy Who Blocked His Own Shots

Help me run this blog!

I’m considering having someone (or even a couple people) help me with this blog! I would love someone who has unique ideas and can make really awesome edits.

Send me a message if you’re interested! Make sure to attach a couple of samples of your work :D

Pop punk lyrics that give you the feels?

Message me ideas for new lyric art!

Brand New // Daisy
The Wonder Years // A Raindance in Traffic
Handguns // The War At Home

being-as-a-jared asked: Have you ever seen TWY live?

YES and it was the most amazing show ever! I was front row :D I stage dove 3 times (two of which I wasn’t caught because people are dicks). But it was definitely one of the best nights of my life. I can’t wait to see them again!

Anonymous asked: can you recommend me some bayside? i really want to start listening to them.

Definitely recommend their album titled “Bayside”. My favorite songs are on that album: Blame It On Bad Luck, Montauk, & Devotion and Desire. My favorite album by them! Enjoy :)

Washington Square Park // The Wonder Years